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 Timber Slabs

Most slabs are air dried first, then kiln dried to the finished moisture content. We kiln dry our slabs to help ensure that our customers don’t experience issues like twisting and cracking, after their project has been completed. Some slabs are air dried only. In this case they are air dried for several years. Air drying of slabs only occurs with about 1% of our slabs.

Unless otherwise stated all slabs are machined flat ready for sanding. We can also sand if required. The dimensions are written on the slab in chalk. Length (m) x width (mm) x thickness (mm).

The width is that as measured where there is a chalk line drawn across the slab. It is not the widest or narrowest or average. It just gives you some idea. The actual length of the slab will usually be about 50-100mm longer than the length written on the slab. This is to allow for the ends to be cut square. Please note that the slab will look WIDER at the end nearest the camera, than it actually is. Read the width written on the slab in chalk at each end.

The number written on the bottom of the slab is my database reference number. Refer to this number in any correspondence with me about the slab.


These are not ALL the slabs that we have.
Please contact us if you are looking for a slab that is not pictured in our catalog.

Timber Boards

Normally boards are cut from 50 to 350mm wide and 19, 25, 32, 38, 45, 50mm thick. Each board is marked for length, tree identification and any special feature that it may contain. This allows us to try to supply all the timber for a given project from the same tree so that it matches.


The boards listed below are indications that we normally hold these in stock. It does not imply that we will ALWAYS have them in stock.

Some of the timber species that we usually have is stock are: Pine, Norfolk Island Pine, Jarrah, Marri, Blackbutt, Wandoo, Sheoak, Red Ironbark, Salmon Gum, Mallet, Banksia, Rock Maple, Tiger Maple, Ambrosia Maple, American Black Walnut, American Cherry, American Ash, American White Oak, American Red Oak, Spotted Gum, Rose Gum, Tuart, Sugar Gum, Tassie Blue Gum, Southern Mahogany, York Gum, Poplar, Kauri, Black Wattle, Cape Lilac, River Red Gum, Rock Oak, Swamp Oak, Karri Oak, Camphor Laurel, Raspberry Jam, and Paperbark. And sometimes we have other stuff, so check in with us regularly.

Timber Packs

We also package timber into bundles cut from the same tree so you can complete a project with matching grain and features.


Legs & Posts

We have a good stock of posts for table and bed legs in both 75 and 100mm size, occasionally up to 200mm. We also cut triangle and four sided posts with one side natural edge. We can also supply stainless steel, mild steel or wrought iron legs for your project.


Burls & Veneers

We stock burl caps and burl slices. Usually we have stocks of Jarrah, Marri and York Gum. We have a limited supply of highly figured veneers.


Musical Instruments

Although we do not specifically cut or specialise in timber for musical instruments, we do have some beautiful pieces that are suitable for this purpose. Please contact us if you are looking for something special.